Pauli Group
Press Release

Pauli Group Launches First Quantum-Proof Smart Contract Wallet For Ethereum Blockchain Technology

Toronto, December 2023 – Pauli Group announced the formal launch of their latest cryptography endeavor, Anchor Wallet, a smart contract wallet resistant to foreseeable quantum computing attacks, hacks, and malicious security vulnerabilities.

The company’s mission is to educate users and investors about the importance of asset protection and ownership when transferring and storing digital assets. They developed Anchor Wallet, the quantum-secure smart contract wallet that uses the simplest and safest signature schemes to protect users in the web3 ecosystem.

Pauli Group strives to make the new decentralized economy stable, transparent, and secure for all current and future users. These core principles give will give users the confidence they need to use blockchain technology without hesitation.

“Our design guideline is simple: we build how we would want others to do it. The outcome is that user experience is always at the core of what we do,” states Pierre-Luc Demers, founder and CEO of Pauli Group.

Anchor Wallet is a self-custody wallet that will fortify users’ assets to safely transfer and store their digital assets through Ethereum and EVM platforms. Users will be able to conduct business on the blockchain while holding their own keys.

Pauli Group calculates the threat of quantum computers will continue to jeopardize the future security and stability of blockchains and will be able to break them as early as 2031. Any digital assets stored on these blockchains are at risk of being stolen or lost.

Following the recent fall of many centralized services and exchanges in 2022, Anchor Wallet safeguards your crypto, NFTs, and personal data from vulnerabilities by deploying decentralized Lamport signatures in its smart contracts.

Demers explains Lamport signatures as, “one of the simplest and most established safeguards to protect from quantum computers. Each key can only be used once, but this is a necessary tradeoff to replace the quantum vulnerable signatures used by all major blockchains today.”

 In addition to security, Anchor Wallet offers user-friendly convenience to make blockchain accessible, approachable, and for every user. Users can easily conduct their business, keep their assets safe, and make longer-term decisions. And with our small transaction fee, it is also a cost-effective option.

Pauli Group is a technology platform based on blockchain technology that protects digital assets from quantum computing threats. Its goal is to transform the future of the crypto industry by stabilizing the future financial systems and establishing the most secure foundation for digital transactions. The company has built Anchor Wallet, a smart quantum wallet that protects investors from imminent advanced quantum computing hacks. Its aim is to empower in their use of blockchain technology, enabling them to conduct their business securely against malicious attacks.